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  Welcome to the Mysterious, Scientific, Highly Competitive and Secretive Hobby

of Constructing and Racing high speed “Rocker Covers”

To the average layman, Automotive Rocker Covers are seen as a container to be placed over the Tappets or even Cam Shafts of Engines to keep the oil from splashing all over the place, right???

 Wrong!!   They are in reality very technical and intricate, high speed racing machines.

They are Raced down a specially prepared 2 lane Racing Ramp, a system, very similar to Drag Racing.


It is a generally accepted fact that the very popular and competitive Drag Racing Movement  copied and slightly modified the original sport of the Rocker Cover Racing for themselves.



The Evolution of Rocker Racing

 What started out as a casual conversation in 1999 between long time CHAC-RL member Max Curtis and friends in Gosford NSW about rocker cover racing being run in a classic car club in NSW 

This new sport has now become a major social event  in the CHAC-RL Calendar and is now being adopted by several other Classic Auto clubs

Max made the first race track about 2000, with the inaugural race event held the following year with many of his family and grandchildren being given Rocker Cover cars to race.

Six years later and the track was upgraded by another CHAC Club member Dave Tincknell and friendly races between club members took place

Over the last few years the sport has become very popular and the racing Rocker Covers have become a bit more refined with quite a few enthusiasts investing quite a bit of thought and effort in designing racers with that little refinement that may just have that winning edge

In 2013 Tony Claridge  introduced a few more refinements to the sport with formalized Heat Races, finishing with a Final between Heat Winners. CHAC-RL now run three annual championship rounds, culminating in the “Champion of Champions” GP at the end of the year



Club Logo



(adopted July 7, 2018)



1.         This is a fun event.  Any person found to be taking it too seriously will be soundly ridiculed.

2.         Any constructor who enters a protest will be automatically disqualified.  Oh, that’s a bit harsh. Okay, then they’ll be given a stern talking to, asked to smile more and lighten up a bit.

3.         Cars shall be based on an actual rocker cover (valve cover) from an engine.  There shall   be no limit on engine make, model, cylinder configuration, of displacement.

4.         Racing rockers (cars) must retain at least 75% of the original rocker cover.

5.         Cars must not have any form of mechanical propulsion or steering.  Gravity is your friend.

6.         Cars weight categories – up to 2kg (Class 1) and 2kgs up to 4kgs (Class 2) are the racing competition weights.

7.         Cars overall length shall be no more than 60cm (Note: The staging land is 60cm             long).

8.         Cars must have 4 wheels, each no greater than 15cm in diameter.




1.         The course shall consist of two divided lanes, approximately 50cm wide. A total track length of approximately 6 meters.

2.         The staging area of the track should be no more than two meters high.

3.         The staging platform is 60cm long.

4.         The start will be by means of a manually operated release bar.

5.         The finish line will be clearly marked.

6.         There will be a “safety area” beyond the finish line.


Racing Rules:


1.         Cars will be run in heats of 2 cars each.  The first car (any part) to cross the finish line shall be declared to be the winner.  If a dead heat occurs there is a rerun.  If necessary, best of three trials to determine the winner. If neither car makes it to the finish line the car that travels farthest shall be declared the winner. 

2.         Winning cars will be advanced to the next round until all are eliminated - except one who is declared the Champion.  

3          While the judge’s decision is final, bribes will be gratefully accepted.

4.         Constructors wishing to wear racing clothes, fireproof overalls, helmets etc. do so at their own risk of being laughed at or being fined by the Sergeant of Arms.

5.         Downforce wings, spoilers, air dams, etc. are all permitted.  They probably won’t do any good but will provide a good chuckle.

6.         Sponsorship logo’s, racing stickers and car names are all encouraged.

7.         There are no more rules.  So, get cracking, but above all, have fun