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On Thursday 18th October, 22 intrepid adventurers set off for 4 days of merriment, good food and of course CAR STUFF.

First day we stopped at the lake at Sale for morning tea then went to Port Albert and had fish and chips for lunch. I think the seagulls had most of the chips!!

We arrived at Mornington and settled into our Motel, very nice rooms and a lovely location.

Dinner that night was just down the road with some excellent pub meals and a few ales/wines. 

Next day we went to Arthurs Seat and after driving to the top we took the gondoliers down and back up admiring the view, we had lunch there and afterwards we adjourned to a an amazing car museum only a kilometer away. 

After this we had a very nice drive to view the old gun emplacement at the tip of the Peninsular. This was very interesting, a lot of wartime history.

After this we went back to the motel for dinner.

On the Saturday we left Mornington and went to Mordialloc where we looked around 3 factories full of some very nice cars, there were so many cars and parked so close together it was quite hard to appreciate them.

We had lunch in a café next door to the factory which was very nice.

After lunch we went on our way to Kyneton where we stopped for afternoon tea and a bit of a look around Kyneton.

After this we headed off to Bendigo and another nice motel.

That night we went to a Tai restaurant for another meal. I think everybody enjoyed their meal.

Next day Dorothy and David had to depart the tour for other business, which was a shame as they missed the trip to Hadfield’s - this was a highlight of the tour and I think everybody enjoyed it.

After this we headed to Castlemaine for a trip on a steam train to Maldon where we wandered around till the return trip back to Castlemaine and then drove back to Bendigo. 

The last night we went to a pub for dinner (the last supper!). The meal was very good.

Next day (Monday) we all headed back home. It turned out to be a great trip and thanks to Dorothy and David for organising it.



Arthurs Seat


Rod Hadfield

The tour had a great time at Rod Hadfield's  museum in Chewton (near Castlemain)