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Dissapointingly only 9 club members headed out on Sunday 25th to an adventure 34kms north of Welshpool .

We were heading to a place called Tank Adventures which was north of Welshpool and after 34 kms of very winding road we arrived at the place.

The place was crammed full of army regalia and there were 8 or so tanks in various forms from big to not so big.

The largest was a centurion at 55 tons, this was out of action as it was leaking water and needed the engine to come out for repairs (v12 merlin 27ltrs). They did however start it up for a short time it sounded mean!!

Most of us went for a ride in an APC on the purpose built track around the property.

This was quite exciting and some had some bruises to show afterwards.

Our thanks go to Alan for organising the trip and to Cameron for showing us all his toys.

It was  a great day!!!!